We are a Lifeline care agency located in Preston

What We Do

Lifeline carers offer quality services to many client types, with different needs and requirements.

We have made a commitment to deliver quality care by implementing the QCS management system. We have prescribed policies and procedures that we follow in the organization which makes ourself confident in providing care.
When our staff are busy at delivering the best care, we make sure all the information goes handy while maintaining the service user's information confidential at all levels. Our timesheet management system helps in keeping a track of all the timesheets making things much easier on both the ends.
We can understand how busy the homes get during the weekends and many other days. We are always available to deliver the best care in all the ways round the clock 24/7. Professional Carers are always available at just one call away from us any time.
Within Lifeline Carers, key individuals with the appropriate skills, experience, and knowledge will be identified to have responsibility for the following:
  • Implementation of quality procedures and systems
  • Meeting legal, regulatory and contractual compliance.
  • Auditing of the service.
  • Collation of data and information to monitor performance against agreed quality standards.
  • Listening and responding to Service user or client who requires additional help with day-to-day general routine activities, concerns, feedback and views.
Why choose us

Customer Service

We have built a great working relationship with our customers’ and healthcare professionals. Our excellent communication, supervisions and evaluation strategies help us to ensure that all policies and procedures are adhered to. Complaints or concerns reported by our clients are immediately dealt with and a full investigation is carried out.

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Why choose us

Evaluating System

Lifeline Carers Pvt Ltd was established to provide a comprehensive and wide range of professional health care services. We supply well qualified nurses and carers across the Lancashire (North west).

To review our selection, procedures and protocols Lifeline carers will:

  • Using various methods of communication, we engage with customers to evaluate and monitor services.
  • Develop satisfaction surveys to collate client feedback.
  • Achieve a well trusted working relationship to encourage and welcome any recommendations from our clients and our professionals.
lifeline carers specialities